Fridge and Freezer Repairs

Fridge Repairs

When your fridge or freezer gives you the cold shoulder…

Our refrigerators are one of the most important appliances in the kitchen – especially living in Australia. Fridges and freezers are running 24 hours a day, always working hard in the background, and although they’re integral to the modern kitchen it’s easy to take them for granted. But if your fridge or freezer malfunctions, you can’t ignore the fallout. We rely on our fridges to keep our food fresh and ready to eat, and our freezers make it convenient to store food for weeks at a time. When they pack up with no warning, it’s a major disruption for your household, and the risk is that all of your food is ruined and wasted. That’s why, if you need a fridge repair, speed and efficiency are key!

fridges and freezers Repairs

…we’re here for you.

If the worst happens and your fridge or freezer stops running, you’ve only got a limited window to save your stored food. At Norwest Appliance Service, we’re ready to help – fast! A highly dedicated and experienced technician will visit your home in one of our fast response vehicles, armed with all of the expertise, tools and spare parts they need for almost any fridge repair.

Our technicians are fully licensed and insured, so you can trust that your appliance is in the very best hands. We have the experience and technical know-how to repair a wide range of refrigerator and freezer brands and models, providing the highest quality customer service throughout the process.

Experience the Difference with an appliance repair from Norwest Appliance Service.

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