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Why should you choose Norwest to fix your Blanco Stove repairs in Sydney

Choosing an appliance repair company doesn’t have to be hard. Norwest are a family owned business who have been helping Sydney residents out for over 30 years ago. Our technicians are well trained and have extensive experience getting your appliances back and working like new again.

We are the best Blanco Stove Repair Experts in Sydney

Norwest are the best Blanco stove repair experts that you will find. Don’t believe us? Take a look at our reviews.

We offer Fast Response Delivery

With fast response teams, experienced technicians and plenty of spare parts on hand for all of your repairs, you know that Norwest will get the job done and your stove will be running like new again. Don’t wait around for slow service.

You can Expect Guaranteed Results from us.

Guaranteed results is a Norwest Appliance Service promise. When we are hired to fix your stove we guarantee that we will get the job done.

Types of Stoves Blanco offer in Australia

Blanco offers the following types of stoves in Australia:

Self cleaning stoves


Electric stoves

Steam stoves

Freestanding stoves

Common Issues We Repair in Blanco Stove

We often see some common issues with Blanco stoves. These include:

Blanco Stove Spare Parts We Replace Mostly

Due to the common issues that we are often confronted with, we ensure that we have some standard spare parts on hand, like:

Internal and external burners



Door glass


Spark electrodes

Our Customers Reactions

Don’t just take our word for it though. Have a read through our numerous reviews and decide for yourself. With a 4.8/5 rating we are more than confident that we are the best appliance repair service that Sydney has to offer.

Locations we offer Blanco Stove repairs in Sydney

We offer our services to all of Sydney and its surrounding suburbs. Our rapid response vehicles make it easy for us to travel to you, no matter where you are located in Sydney. Take a look here at how comprehensive our location services are.


The Norwest appliance repair process is simple so that you don’t have to spend your day running around just to get your stove repaired.

  1. Give us a call when you notice that your stove isn’t functioning properly
  2. We’ll send a technician to your home to take a look at your stove and figure out the issue
  3. They’ll assess your appliance to see what is going on
  4. They make the repairs and you get back to everyday life
The cost of your appliance repairs are going to be dependent upon a number of factors. What spare parts are needed, what needs to be fixed and how long it is going to take are contributing factors that your technician will take into account when costing your repair job. They’ll give you a thorough breakdown of costs before starting repairs.
Are you having trouble adjusting the burner temperature in your stove? Often this is due to the dimmers or thermostat. We can assist with this issue and resolve it.
If the coils ate cracked on your Blanco stove top they will need to be replaced by a professional before you use your stove top again.

More doubts? Fill out our Quick Enquiry Form

It’s understandable if you still have some questions about our appliance repair services. Whether your questions are about stoves, dryers, ovens, washing machines, fridges or dishwashers, we can help. Get in touch with us today and our team will be happy to answer any queries you might have and provide more information where they can.
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