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Fix your Dryer Repairs in Sydney

Why should you choose Norwest to fix your Dryer repairs in Sydney

Dryer repairs are our speciality. We’re a family owned business that has been in the industry for over 30 years and we’re at the top of our field. If you want a company that not only guarantees their work, but has a plethora of knowledge at their fingertips, Norwest Appliance Service is here to help.


We are the best Dryer Repair Experts in Sydney

There’s no doubting that Norwest are the top professionals when it comes to dryer repairs in Sydney. Not only do we offer guaranteed results on your dryer repairs, but we also offer a 12 month spare parts warranty to ensure that you have peace of mind. With over 30 years in the industry our professional technicians have extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to repairing your dryer, so you can be sure that your appliances are in good hands.


We offer Fast Response Delivery

Dryers have fast become an essential part of modern day life, especially if you live in apartment that doesn’t contain a lot of space to dry your clothing. So, when your dryer suddenly stops functioning, it can be a substantial inconvenience to your everyday life. Heading out and buying a new dryer isn’t always a viable option for everyone. Dryers are expensive purchases, so you should consider repairing yours instead. Norwest Appliance Service offers fast response vehicles that can help you get your dryer repaired fast.


You can Expect Guaranteed Results from us.

Norwest Appliance Service offers guaranteed results when we repair your dryer. This means that you won’t have to worry about paying for repairs that might not fix the problem. When you work with Norwest, you can feel confident that you are going to get the results you expect.

Types of Dryers We Repair

There are several different types of dryer on the market, and the good news is, is that we repair all kinds! air you have any of the following, we’ll be able to help you out:

Vented dryers

Gas dryers

Heat pump dryer

Condenser dryer

Common Dryer Issues We Fix

If you’re experiencing any of the following issues, our team of experienced technicians will be able to assist you:

Dryer Parts We Replace Frequently

Wondering which parts of a dryer commonly lead to issues and need replacing?

Heating element





Read what our customers have to say

Don’t just take our word for it though. Have a read through our numerous reviews and decide for yourself. Take a look at some of our customer reviews and you’ll see just how happy our customers are with our service. With over 30 years in the re confident that we can provide you with a service that you will be more than happy with. No matter what appliance we fix, whether it’s ovensstovesfridges, or dishwashers, our clients walk away happy.

Locations we offer Dryer repairs in Sydney

If you need dryer repairs in Sydney or surrounding regions, you’re in luck. Our team, of rapid response vehicles can help you out regardless of whether you’re in the city or further out in the suburbs. So, you’re in luck when you’re looking for dryer repair near me.


The dryer repair process in fairly simple. Our qualified technicians will take a look at your dryer and analyse it to see what issues are afflicting it. Once they know what is likely going on, they will advise you if the probable problem and how they plan to repair it. Once you give them the go ahead they’ll get to work repairing your dryer.

The cost is entirely unique and associated with what issues are present and how long or complicated they will be to repair as well as what parts will be needed for the repair.

If your dryer has stopped heating up and isn’t drying your clothing properly, there’s likely a serious underlying issue at play. Rather than running out and buying a new dryer, call in the experts to help you repair yours.

If you’re unable to unclog your dryer yourself, you might need the help of a professional dryer technician. They’ll be able to unclog it for you and ensure that it is working like new again.

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