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Why should you choose Norwest to fix your Speed Queen Washing Machine repairs in Sydney

Norwest Appliance Service is a trusted and reliable company that has been operating out of Sydney for the past 30 plus years. We specialise in providing prompt, professional and reliable repairs on your trusted appliances that will help get you back on track, fast. We repair everything from washing machines and dryers to fridges and dishwashers, so if you need assistance getting your trusted appliance back up and running, we can help.


We are the best Speed Queen Washing Machine Repair Experts in Sydney

We’ve been in the appliance repair business for over 30 years now, which makes us something of an expert when it comes to repairs. Our family owned business has qualified and experienced technicians to diagnose and repair all of your major household appliances.

We offer Fast Response Delivery

Washing has a habit of piling up fast. So, fast response delivery is our speciality. Our rapid response vehicles mean that we can get to you fast to help out when your washing machine starts playing up.


You can Expect Guaranteed Results from us.

Not only do we offer over 30 years of experience when we repair your washing machine, but we also offer guaranteed results. This means that when you call Norwest you can be sure that your washing machine is going to be back up and running with little hassle.

Types of Washing Machines Speed Queen offer in Australia

Speed Queen offer a couple of different washing machine types to the Australian market to fit all household needs, from the smallest apartment to large family homes. These include

Front load washing machine

Top load washing machine

Both types of washing machine come in varying weight load capacities so that you can choose the model that is right for your home and personal needs.

Repeated Issues We fix in Speed Queen Washing Machines

When we're called in to fix washing machines there are some general issue that we commonly see. These are:

Speed Queen Washing Machine Spares We Replace Regularly

We carry plenty of the following Speed Queen spare parts in our rapid response vehicles as they are often needed in our repair jobs:

Lid Switch Assembly

Water Inlet Valve

Drive Belt



Our Customers Reactions

But, don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at our reviews from past and repeat customers who have given us a 4.8/5 for professionalism, customer service and knowledge. Our clients know that we are the experts when it comes to appliance repairs such as washing machines, stoves and dryers.

Locations we offer Speed Queen Washing Machines repairs in Sydney

We offer our washing machine repair service all around Sydney and surrounding suburbs. Our rapid response vehicles make it easy for us to service Sydney so you’ll never need another appliance repair company So, regardless of whether you need washing machine repairs hills district, washing machine repairs in blacktown Sydney or washing machine repairs in Penrith, we have you covered.


Get in touch with us ASAP and we’ll organise a technician to come and take a look at your machine. Once they have had a chance to assess it they will create a repair action plan and let you know how they plan to fix it. They will then proceed to repair your washing machine.

Once your experienced technician has had a chance to assess your washing machine they will provide you with a comprehensive breakdown detailing how much repairing your washing machine will cost you. Every repair will be unique with factors such as the brand, spare parts that are needed and the complexity of the repairs impacting your price.

Have you noticed an unusual humming sound coming from your washing machine? Often, this gentle humming noise can be caused by a jammed pump trying to turn. The most common explanation for the pump not spinning is a small garment caught in the pump. So, take a look inside to see if anything is caught that might be causing the pump to jam.

Have you opened your washing machine to discover that it is still full of dirty waste water from the last cycle? Is this an ongoing issue that you have been unable to sort out yourself? When water doesn’t drain it is likely that your pump filter is clogged and will need to be cleared out before your washing machine works properly again.

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