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Fix your Fridge Repairs in Sydney

Why should you choose Norwest to fix your Fridge repairs in Sydney

When your fridge stops working it can be understandable to panic. You’re now on a timer before your perishable food starts to deteriorate and go off, especially in the hot Australian climate. This can end up costing a lot of money, and that isn’t even taking into consideration you having to purchase a new fridge. So, when this happens rather than panicking, give Norwest Appliance Service a call. Not only so we have extensive experience in the industry, but we can have your fridge repaired in next to no time at all.


We are the best Fridge Repair Experts in Sydney

We’re the best fridge repair experts in Sydney for a reason. We’re a family owned company that has been in business for over 30 years and we’re still going strong. Not only do we pride ourselves on our expertise and ability to fix any issue you may have with your appliances, but we also offer a repair guarantee for your peace of mind.


We offer Fast Response Delivery

We know just how essential a fridge is to everyday life. With this in mind we offer fast response delivery and have rapid response vehicles located throughout Sydney. You won’t be stuck waiting for hours or days when you get in touch with Norwest Appliance Service. Our team is fast, efficient and trained to have your fridge running at optimal capacity in no time.


You can Expect Guaranteed Results from us

Guaranteed results isn’t something you often hear. However, this is a Norwest promise. Not only do we guarantee that we can have your fridge repaired, but we also offer a 12 month warranty on the spare parts that we use in your fridge. When you contact Norwest you know that your fridge is going to be working again.

What is going on with your Refrigerator?

Sometimes you may see signs that all is not right with your fridge. It may be showing signs of not cooling your food like it is supposed to, or perhaps it is icing over suddenly when it never used to do that. Other times the motor may be making funny noises or the door seals are damaged. Regardless, if something is going on with your refrigerator you should call in a professional to take a look over it.

Fridge parts we replace often

There are several different parts of a refrigerator that are often replaced. These include:

The Thermistor

The evaporator fan motor

Condenser fan motor

Read what our customers have to say

Throughout the years that we have been in business our customers have been consistently happy with our work and our ability to bring their appliances back to life. If you don’t believe us just take a look at our reviews where past and repeat customers have rated us 4.8/5.

Locations we offer Fridge repairs in Sydney

We offer fridge repairs in Sydney and surrounding suburbs. If you’re looking for fridge repairs in the Hills district, such as in Kellyville or Castle Hill, fridge repairs in Penrith, fridge repairs in Parramatta or Blacktown, we can help. Our team of rapid response vehicles can help you out in no time.


The fridge repair process is generally very simple. Once you have been in contact with our trained professionals they will,come and take a look at your fridge and take a look over it for you. Once they have ascertained the issue they will let you know how much it is going to cost and how long it will take to fix approximately. Once you have given them the go ahead, our technicians will get to work repairing your fridge.

The cost of your fridge repair will depend on a number of different factors. As every job is going to be unique, we won’t know the exact cost until one of our technicians has had a chance to assess the issue for you. Once they have had a look they will be able to provide you with a detail breakdown of costs before they get to work repairing your appliance.

If your fridge has stopped cooling your food down, it’s likely that one or more parts in your fridge will need to be changed. If this is the case, it’s time to get the professionals in. Professional repair experts will be able to make the repairs in a safe and efficient way to to give your fridge a new lease on life.

If your refrigerator has suddenly stopped turning on, it’s more than likely that some essential components within your fridge has broken down or need replacing. Rather than heading out and buying an entirely new fridge when you can’t get yours to turn on, call in the Norwest professionals to have a look at it for you. Chances are they will be able to get your fridge up and running again in no time at all.

More doubts? Fill out our Quick Enquiry Form

If you’re still on the fence about booking your appliance repair with Norwest, why not get in touch with us and have a chat with our team. They’ll be able to answer any questions you might have and take you through the entire process from start to beginning. Do you have other appliances that need some TLC? We can help you out there as well.

For other repairs such as dryers, dishwashers, ovens or stoves, we can help.

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