To Repair or Replace? Here’s Why Repairing Appliances Will Save You Money

repair or replace

Did you know that the average Australian spends around $780 per year on appliances?

Considering that appliances are a pretty boring expense category (face it, we are sure that you would rather have a few nice meals with that money), this is quite a high price tag. Just to ensure that your house has a set of running appliances! 

One of the reasons why this yearly cost is so high is because faced with the decision to repair or replace — many people choose to replace their appliances. 

When deciding between repair vs replace of a malfunctioning appliance, the word on the street is that it is cheaper to replace than to repair. 

We disagree. By learning how to be smart about getting repair work done on your appliances, you can save yourself a chunk of change. 

Read on to find out why repairing appliances will save you money!

Why the Repairing Cost Is Usually Cheaper

When trying to decide what to do about a faulty appliance, many of us come to the conclusion that replacement will be the wisest option. 

In some cases, upgrading to a newer model of an appliance may be the better choice. But in many others, getting a repair done will work out cheaper.

How Much Is Too Much for Repairs?

To really get value for your money when choosing to repair an old appliance, you need to make sure that the cost of the repairs is not too much.

When fixing an old appliance, you shouldn’t be paying anything close to the replacement value. This is because while the new part may last well, the rest of the appliance is not new. You don’t want to sink a sizeable sum into an appliance that may develop more issues down the line. 

About half of the replacement value is generally considered to be the limit in what you should pay for repairs. 

Many Common Appliance Problems Are Cheap and Simple Fixes

The great thing about repairing appliances is that most common appliance problems are easy and cheap to fix. 

For example, some of the most common washing machine problems require only one new part and a minimum of repairing work. 

Sometimes an Appliance Is Not Actually Broken

In some cases, what looks like a dead appliance is actually a minor fault such as a faulty connection in the power cord. If you send the appliance in to be repaired, this fault will become apparent during testing, and the repairing work will cost you very little. 

On the other hand, if you chuck the appliance, and go out and buy a new one, you could end up spending a few hundred dollars if it is a large appliance. 

If the Appliance Has Always Worked Well, It Will Probably Continue to Work Well After Being Repaired

Another factor to consider when weighing up repair vs replace of an appliance, is how well has it functioned in the past? Is this the first issue? If so then it is likely that after being repaired, the appliance will continue to function smoothly. 

If however, this is the third or fourth fix, you can probably bet that the appliance is not worth fixing anymore. 

Also, if an appliance has not only run smoothly but also functioned ideally for your needs, then getting repairing work done is a great idea. Why? Because you get to keep the model of appliance that you love and that serves your needs well.

Buying a New Appliance Can Cost You Time

Besides the layout in cash, there is another hidden cost associated with replacing an appliance. 

And that is time. 

Making a purchasing decision over a new appliance can take time and energy. Before hitting the shops you may need to spend some time online researching the current models and their capabilities so that you get the most bang for your buck. The shopping trip then takes additional time. 

When you send an appliance in for repairs, all you have to do it drop it off at the shop, and pick it up when the repairing work has been done.

Retro Style Appliances Cost a Lot More When Bought New

If the appliance in question is an old style retro unit — and you want to stay with that look — you will generally be better off fixing it than replacing it. 

New appliances that are designed to appear retro, such as Smeg appliances, generally cost a lot more than regular designs. 

Some Older Appliances May Be Better Quality Than New Ones

In some cases, an old appliance may be sturdier and of better quality than newer models. If this is the case with yours, then repairing it will save you the large replacement cost that you would incur if you replaced it with a new appliance of similar quality standards.

When Deciding Whether to Repair or Replace — Remember That Repairing Appliances Is Eco-Friendly

Every appliance that you chuck in the bin will end up on a landfill. According to government data, 20 million tons of waste makes its way to Australian landfills every year. Anything that we can do to reduce this is a gain for the environment. 

If you choose to recycle your appliances, that is great. But many people in the world do not do this. In a survey done in the US, 53% of participants surveyed revealed that they throw their old appliances in the rubbish.

Final Word

Having to decide whether to repair or replace an appliance can be tough. 

But now that you are equipped with this info on how repairing appliances can save you money, time and hassle, the choice will be a lot easier. 

If you have a faulty appliance that needs to get fixed, check out our services to start saving money today!