8 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Appliance Repair Service

appliance repair service

98% of Australian households owned a refrigerator in 2008. Similarly, 50% of homes in the county-owned dishwashers at that time. These numbers continue to increase steadily with the ownership of white goods among Australian expected to hit a record high by 2030. 

Kitchen appliances are perhaps the most common white goods in most Sydney homes today. Just like any other electronic equipment, kitchen appliances are prone to technical failures over time. There’s no joy in coming home to an body temperature refrigerator or a faulty dishwasher.

If you own a variety of white goods, needing an appliance repair service is a dreaded but inevitable situation. Do your kitchen appliances need fixing? If so, it would help if you considered talking to contractors with a proven record of service delivery. 

Here are eight questions to ask a potential appliance repair expert before hiring.

1. What’s Your Level of Experience?

Kitchen appliances are delicate and expensive. You don’t want to risk hiring a greenhorn to deal with the most important appliances in your kitchen. Therefore, probing the potential repair expert about their level of experience beforehand is vital.

Working with wannabe kitchen repair experts can aggravate the problem. Considering that kitchen appliances include kitchen stoves and water heaters, it would help to only work with an expert who has been in the field long enough. 

Asking for appliance repair experience before hiring an expert is vital. This eliminates the safety risks that may emerge when working with a half-baked technician. At Northwest Appliance Service, we bring unmatched experience in our quest to ensure quality service delivery. 

2. Are You Properly Licensed?

Manufacturers of electrical appliances are particular about the certification and authorization criteria for appliance repair service experts. Before you take the risk with an appliance repair expert, ensure that they have proper authorization to operate as repair service providers. 

The government of Australia has set out strict stipulations on the regulation and safety procedures appliance and equipment technicians need to adhere to before licensing. Before agreeing to work with a technician, consider licensing as a matter of priority. 

3. Is Your Company Insured?

Licenses and insurance go hand-in-hand when selecting an appliance repair service provider. It would help to ask your prospective technician about their insurance coverage. A reliable appliance repair expert will also have insurance coverage as an added advantage.

If anything goes wrong during the repair process, you need to get compensation for the losses. Most appliance manufacturers don’t admit liability when you contract a third-party technician. Ensure that the repair expert you contract has the requisite insurance coverage before engaging them.

4. What Will It Cost Me?

Cost is a major factor when choosing a suitable appliance technician to deal with your faulty white goods. Before you hire an expert, it would be important to consider the appliance repair fees. Working on a budget allows you to shop around for the most affordable options. 

While you don’t want to end up compromising on quality, you also want to consider a cost-effective option for the repairs. It would help to shop around for offers and compare them to other repair services before settling for your preferred repair expert. When it comes to repairs, you should aim to balance between quality and cost.

5. Do You Have References and Reviews?

Any reliable technician worth their salt should have a list of references who can swear by their services. Customers generally consider giving reviews as the only way to reward quality service delivery. The best thing about references and reviews is their authenticity. 

If the potential contractor isn’t able to present a solid list of references and testimonials regarding their services, then that could be a red flag. Most high flying appliance repair service providers have a broad list of satisfied clients. 

You can use the number of positive reviews as a measure of reliability when dealing with prospective technicians. At Northwest Appliances Service, our testimonials speaks for us.

6. Will I Get a Warranty?

While you have a warranty from the respective manufacturers when buying an appliance, it may not be binding under specific circumstances. If the damage to your appliance is due to negligence on your end, you can’t rely on the original warranty. 

As such, you need to consider your technician’s assurance that they are willing to back up their work in case of any concerns after the repairs. Warranties are a sign of good service delivery and that you are working with seasoned appliance repair contractors. Talk to contractors about their terms of warranty before hiring them.

7. How Long Do I Have to Wait for Your Service?

You don’t want to skip a meal just because your preferred appliance repair service provider took too long to respond. Most kitchen appliances, including ovens and stoves, play a central role in meal preparations. Fridges and freezers also have a vital role in food preservation.

Any repair expert worth your top dollar should be able to respond quickly when you need their services. Delays can lead to losses and frustrations, especially in households with multiple family members. Ensure that the potential technician assures you of speedy interventions each time you need their services. 

8. Do You Have the Right Tools?

Technology keeps evolving. With this evolution comes a wide range of new appliances with sophisticated applications. As such, you don’t want to deal with an appliance technician who lacks preparedness and the right tools. 

Most service repair experts won’t disclose their inadequacy when it comes to capacity. Even so, it’s important to question them on their underlying capabilities before hiring them.

Vetting Assures You of a Reliable Appliance Repair Service Provider 

Before spending your hard-earned money on repairs, it’s important to undertake due diligence. You need to ask the prospective appliance repair service expert these eight hard questions. This will ensure that you get the best out of your working relationship with the technician.

With these top questions answered, you’ll be sure that your engagement with a repair technician will be free from potential surprises. 

If you’re looking for appliance repair service providers in Hills District, we have your back. Contact us today for impeccable services.