5 Freezer Repair Tips and Tricks for Common Freezer Problems

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Got a broken freezer?

When functioning well, your freezer keeps your food and drinks fresh for longer. But like other electronics, it isn’t immune to mishaps. Even with an average lifespan of 11 years, they can act up due to mechanical issues or age. To keep your food from going bad, you need to conduct quick repairs.

While technical freezer repairs need you to call a repair specialist, you can handle some simple repairs. As a result, you can save time and money. Well, if you’ve been experiencing freezer problems, below are some tips and tricks to help you fix common issues:

The Freezer Is Not Cold Enough

Your freezer should be set at 0⁰ F to preserve your food longer. If the temperatures are way above 0⁰F, your food becomes warm, promoting bacterial growth. This can put you at a higher risk of contracting foodborne illnesses.

If you suspect your freezer isn’t cold enough, check the temperature settings on the built-in thermometer or buy one. To solve the issue, you can clean the dust and dirt buildup on the condenser coils. When the problem persists, it may be time to replace your refrigerator condenser fan or defrost sensor.

Frost Build Up Inside the Freezer

Most freezers will have a little frost build-up but when it becomes excessive it may be time for a deep freezer repair. Caused by a ripped gasket, frozen freezer drain tube, or the freezer door left, frost build-up can lead to loss of storage space, odors, and ineffective sealing of the freezer door. Frost can also lead to frost-bitten food or a freeze burn, causing your food to have an unpleasant taste and texture.

To reduce the frost build-up, you can switch off the freezer and let for the ice to melt. After defrosting, turn the freezer on and see if the defrost feature starts working. If the problem recurs, you need to get in touch with an upright freezer repair technician.

The Freezer Is Too Cold

Your refrigerator is designed to provide a cold environment for food and drinks. Ideally, your freezer should be at 0°F. But if it drops negatives, it becomes too cold. Although a too-cold freezer can’t negatively affect your food, it can raise your electricity bill. You can reduce the costs by adjusting the settings back to 0°F.

If the issue persists, the air damper may be defective. In this case, you should check out for obstructions or binding on the damper. You can unplug the fridge and remove the damper cover first, and then ensure the control is running the damper.

Also, remember to properly position the automatic temperature-sensing bulb so it can measure the temperature inside the freezer and adjust the control. You may also need to replace the faulty control board or temperature control to solve a too cold freezer problem.

Strange Noises From the Refrigerator

If your refrigerator makes noises, it can be a little annoying. But it’s hard to tell noises that warrant repairs. Unless you don’t want to waste money on an inspection that isn’t needed, you need to know the strange noises that call for repairs.

A rattling noise from your freezer means that the drain pan under your fridge has come loose. You can fix it by taping the pan in place with heavy-duty duct tape.

Scraping or whirring noises indicate a buildup of ice or dirt around one of the fans. If left for long without repair, it can lead to a faulty fan motor that makes your freezer warm. To stop these noises, check for dirt or ice buildup and clean it. If the noises persist, it may be time to replace the fan.

Incandescent Light Isn’t Working

The light in the refrigerator is very important, especially if you’re rummaging for a quick midnight snack. When it stops lighting, it can make identifying the food and drinks in your freezer difficult. It may be due to a faulty bulb or defective door switch. You can solve the issue by replacing the bulb and door switch. You can do the repairs on your own or call in a certified freezer repair specialist.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Freezer Repair Technician

Finding a professional to repair your freezer can be very difficult. It takes more than typing “freezer repair near me” on Google. Here are factors to help you choose the right appliance repair technician for the job.


The freezer repair cost is an important factor to consider. You need to pick a freezer repair technician that’s budget-friendly since you don’t want to spend so much on minor repairs. But ensure you don’t compromise on quality when going for the cheap technician.


Some freezer repair technicians offer their services with a warranty. This means that if they repair your freezer and it still experiences the same problems after a few days, you can call them to fix the issue at no extra cost. Going for technicians on a warranty is not only reliable but cost-effective.

Customer Reviews

When looking for a freezer repair technician, you want someone that delivers exceptional freezer repair services. You can figure out the technician is dependable or not by reading the customer reviews. A repair technician with positive reviews may be a good candidate for your freezer repair job.

Licenses and Permits

A legitimate freezer repair technician should hold a valid license. It shows that the technician has gone through training and has passed certification tests. The repair technician should also have permits from local authorities to show that they’re allowed to practice in the area. The license and permit can also act as proof for their superior quality services.

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