Electrolux washing machine E10 error code

Electrolux E10 error code on a washing machine relates to inlet water
supply not sufficient.
This is caused by: Low water pressure coming into the Electrolux washing
The filters in the inlet hose been blocked or the hose been kinked.
If you have checked the above and still having the same error code of E10
on the Electrolux washing machine please contact our service team on 1300
667 937 or visit www.norwestapplianceservice.com.au

Samsung Dishwasher E2 error

Error E2 on a Samsung dishwasher is indicating that the cause is a water
supply error. That the dishwasher is not detecting that it is not filling
with water. It could be a simple solution such as checking that the water
supply to the Samsung dishwasher is turned on. You may also check that the
water hoses to the Samsung dishwasher are not kinked. Check the inlet
filters for blockages.

If the water supply is OK please contact us on 1300667937 or visit

OE error code LG Washing Machine Front Loader and LG Washing Machine Top Loader

OE error code on a LG front loader washing machine or a LG top loader
washing machine indicates that the washing machine can not drain the water
out of the washing machine. OE error code can be caused by a clogged pump
filter or a kinked drain hose.

1: Check the washing machine drain pump filter if any coins, hair pins,
lint etc…

2: Check the washing machine drain hose behind the washing machine for any
kinks or clogs.

If you have tried the above and still having the same OE error code. It may
be best to contact Norwest Appliance Service to have a technician visit to
inspect the LG washing machine further.


Or phone 1300 667 937

Samsung washing machine 5E Quakers Hill

Our technician visited a home at Quakers Hill that had a Samsung front
loader Washing machine that kept displaying a fault code 5E which indicated
that the machine is not draining the water. This is usually caused by a
blockage or a faulty drain motor. After inspection of the washing machine
it was found that the drain motor was damaged. With our vans equipped to
repair Samsung washing machines our technician supplied and fitted and
brand new replacement drain motor on the the first visit with no need to
return a second time with parts.

Contact us on 1300 667 937 or fill out our enquiry form on any of a pages
on our website and we will contact you back.

Fisher and Paykel washing machine error code 37

When an error code 37 displays on your Fisher and Paykel washing machine it
is indicating that the washing machine has failed to drain during the rinse
and/or spin cycle. Unplug the washing machine from the power point. The
most likely reasons behind this error code on the washing machine are: (1)
the drain hose is kinked – action to take: check the drain hose for any
kinks. (2) the drain pump is blocked – action to take: check pump chamber
and drain hose for blockage. (3) drain hose extension kit has been fitted
and slowed down the flow rate – action to take: Disconnect drain hose
extension. (4) faulty drain motor or drain motor over heating – action to
take: check and replace drain motor. (5) faulty control module – action to
take: check and replace control module.

Remember safety first: disconnect the washing machine from the power point
before doing any thing.

Please contact us to have a service technician visit to correctly diagnose
and repair your Fisher and Paykel washing machine by calling 1300 666 937
or visiting our website:

Samsung washing machine error 5E

When a Samsung washing machine displays the error code 5E it means that the
washing machine is not draining properly.

If 5E happens to your washing machine it can be one of the following

Reason 1: the drain hose is blocked or kinked not allowing the water to
exit the washing machine.

Reason 2: the drain motor has failed.

You may disconnect the drain hose to check if it is blocked.

Feel free to contact us to organise a service technician to inspect your
Samsung washing machine to repair the 5E Error.


Or 1300 667 937