What’s With the Washing Machine?: Signs You Need Washing Machine Repair in Sydney

washing machine repair

Most families use their washing machine at least once a week, if not more. The washing machine is a vital part of keeping your family’s clothes clean, and a broken one can spell disaster in a household. The worst type of broken washing machine, though, is one that you don’t realize is broken until the last minute, leading to extensive repair costs, to the point where it may be better to buy a new washer.

Before getting to that point, your washing machine will show signs that it needs repair. These signs can be very evident and show up while washing or can be more subtle signs that you see from time to time. Being attentive is important when it comes to noticing these issues.

Here are some sign to look out for that you may need washing machine repair.

1. Lack of Water In The Drum

It’s happened to the best of us, thinking that we started a load to wash but coming back to dry clothes. While you may think you may have simply forgotten to turn the washer on, oftentimes this may be a result of the water not filling up your drum.

When water doesn’t fill up your drum, the problem could be attributed to a tubing issue or a disconnected hose. But, if your hose is working, the issue may be with the washing machine, at which point you’ll need repairs.

2. No Drainage After a Wash

The opposite problem to a lack of water in the drum is too much water leftover after. This may be because your washer overfills the water, but often it can be attributed to your washer not correctly draining the water after a wash, leaving your clothes to soak up the remaining water.

These issues may be indicative of a water pump that is not pumping the water out of the drum. This is a concern that should be dealt with immediately so as to not ruin your clothes or have the leftover water causing more issues.

3. Drum Stays Still During Wash

In order to actually wash all the clothes that you load into the wash, your drum must be spinning. If not, all of the water will pool at the bottom and your clothes will never dry well or clean. A moving drum is crucial to the washing cycle.

If your drum does not spin, it may be an issue with the drum itself or the belts and lid switch. While the belt can actually be replaced from home, a broken lid switch requires significant work and new parts.

4. Water is Leaking From Machine

One of the signs of trouble with any appliance is leaking, and a washing machine is no exception. If your washing machine is leaking, you can bet that some of the hoses are connected incorrectly, though that is the least of your concerns.

If you have a broken washing machine hose with holes in it, or one of your pipes has come loose from years of usage, it is best to send these parts to a repair shop in order to be fixed. You will also want to check to ensure that the water hasn’t damaged other parts of your machine.

5. Too Much Noise

A primary sign of machine troubles is a lot machine. Washing machines can be quite loud when the engine begins to falter or when the machine is unbalanced. Be sure to try to balance your machine so that you can tell what the issue is.

If the noise persists, your machine’s engine may be overheating. There is also a chance that you have loose pieces, at which point you’ll need professional repairs for sure.

6. The Machine Is Not Responding to Commands

Has it ever happened to you that you tell your machine to run a light load but they come out soaking? Or you set it to wash for 35 minutes but it goes on for an hour? If your machine is not listening to your commands, the wiring is most likely busted.

This type of issue is not going to be taken care of anyone except for a professional electrician. Rewiring is involved, and these issues are a clear sign that you need some repairs.

7. Your Washer Is Older Than Eight Years Old

Every product has a certain lifespan, and most washer machine lifespans are between 5 and 10 years old. With the average family using the washing machine about 300 times per year, your appliance will go through significant wear and tear, to the point where washing machine repair is a must.

If your machine is reaching those years, it may be time for a replacement. After a while, cleaning and energy use becomes less efficient. At this point, not replacing the machine can actually cost you more money than repairing it or buying a new one.

8. You’ve Noticed Mold Growing

Mold seems to be the sworn enemy of cleanliness, and this is an especially big problem with front load washing machines. If you don’t clean your machine often or use detergents that are known for growing mold, the mold in your machine will begin to affect you.

The mold of the machine will soon break into your home’s airways and affect your family’s respiratory health. It may also begin to damage your clothes or give you and your family some allergic reactions. If you have noticed mold, it is best to allow a repairman to come in and give it a good clean through.

The Best Choice For Washer Machine Repair

There are many signs that you may be noticing that tell you it is time for washing machine repair. When you do send this very important appliance for repair, be sure to truly only the best and most experienced experts.

If you’re in need of a repair now, be sure to contact us! We offer repair services for all major home appliances, especially your beloved washing machine.