To Repair or Replace? Here’s Why Repairing Appliances Will Save You Money

repair or replace

Did you know that the average Australian spends around $780 per year on appliances? Considering that appliances are a pretty boring expense category (face it, we are sure that you would rather have a few nice meals with that money), this is quite a high price tag. Just to ensure that your house has a set of running appliances!  One …

6 Most Common Washing Machine Problems That Need a Repair Service

washing machine problems

We all want to look our best. The most important aspect of looking sharp is taking proper care of our clothing. Proper washing and drying clothing allows us to get the best long term value out of our wardrobe. The essential nature of the washer and dryer unit in your home can’t be overstated. But it’s easy to forget just …

What’s With the Washing Machine?: Signs You Need Washing Machine Repair in Sydney

washing machine repair

Most families use their washing machine at least once a week, if not more. The washing machine is a vital part of keeping your family’s clothes clean, and a broken one can spell disaster in a household. The worst type of broken washing machine, though, is one that you don’t realize is broken until the last minute, leading to extensive …

Dishwasher Disasters: 5 Signs You Need Dishwasher Repair Services

dishwasher repair

Of all the appliances in your house, the dishwasher is the most likely to not be used. In fact, while about 2/3 of people have them, only a little over half use them. When you consider the high energy cost, it begins to make more sense. Hand washing raises the electric bill far less. Even Energy star appliances use almost …

Oven Not Working? Troubleshooting Common Problems (And Knowing When to Call for Help)

oven not working

The DIY market is worth over $43 billion and it’s growing more every year. While many projects around the home can be DIY’d, there are some things better left to a professional. In the case of an oven not working, sometimes the problem is easy enough for you to troubleshoot. Knowing how to find problems with your oven can save you …

Oven Not Feeling so Hot? Learn What to Do When Your Oven Won’t Turn On

oven wont turn on

You’re in front of the stove about to start making a holiday dinner when you notice that your stove refuses to turn on. What do you do, just not make anything? This could disappoint everyone. Instead of not cooking, tackle the problem head-on and try and fix the issue, or at least pinpoint what it is so someone else can. …

How to clean your stove

Another way on how to clean your stove top. Follow the link below.

Some great cleaning hacks.

Check out the article for some Appliance cleaning hacks.

Blanco oven not heating well

Is your Blanco oven only partially heating? One of the problems could be a burnt out element like this oven that has been repaired in Castle Hill. For all Blanco oven repairs no matter the fault. Contact us on 1300 667 937 or fill in our contact form and we will call you back.