Knowing When to Repair or Replace Your Westinghouse Appliances

westinghouse appliances

We don’t really appreciate our appliances until they don’t work. Suddenly we find ourselves with spoiled milk, wet clothes, and dirty dishes. Appliances symbolize the convenience that we’ve come to rely on. 

When they fail, frustration sets in. The inconvenience of having to go to the laundry mat or live with a cooler-turned-freezer for a day leads to irritation and some ambiguity. You need to make a decision. 

Your appliances collectively are the biggest purchases you’ll make for your modern home. So when one of them starts to malfunction, you want to know if you should spend a few dollars to repair it or a few hundred dollars to replace it. What’s the right decision? 

After reading this article, you’ll understand definitely when it’s time to replace your Westinghouse appliances and when it’s time to call a repairman. 

False Breaks

Before you call a repairman or start perusing the internet for new appliances, determine that you actually have a broken appliance. Often you just need to do some simple maintenance to get your machines back up and running. 

Power Problems

First, ensure you have power. When the appliance appears to quit completely, check the socket. Is the appliance plugged in? 

Then, move unto the breaker panel. Sometimes your appliance has just blown a breaker, and it needs a reset. Turning the breaker back on can fix all of your problems. 

Cleaning Issues

Sometimes your appliance just needs a good cleaning. For example, if your refrigerator has begun to make louder than normal humming noises, pull it away from the wall and check out the fan and back exhaust area. If the area is clogged with dust bunnies, it will make noises. 

In those cases, you just need to vacuum out the vent area with your household vacuum. This will prevent the machine from overheating. A simple cleaning job will keep your fridge running efficiently. 

If your dishwasher has begun to smell foul and collect water in the bottom, check the filter. Often a good filter cleaning will fix your dishwasher smell problems. 

If your dryer has started to take multiple cycles to do its job, check your dryer vent. Clean out the vent where large accumulations of dryer lint collect. You will be surprised at what you find. 

In the end, if you keep your appliances clean, they will run more efficiently and last longer as well. So make sure your machine is clean and has power before you call in the pros. 

Warranties and Lifespans

If you think your appliance is starting to fail, then check the warranty on the appliance. If you still have an active appliance, then replace it. You won’t lose any money, and the warranty is there for a reason. 

All appliances have a typical lifespan. When you begin to hear stories from your mom about that deep freeze that lasted her 50 years, just realize that modern appliances do not have the same lifespan. Here’s a basic guide for how long you should expect an appliance to last. 

  • The trash compactor should last 6 years
  • Garbage disposal should last 12 years
  • The exhaust fan should last 10 years
  • Deep Freeze should last 11 years
  • Microwaves should last 9 years
  • Electric ranges should last 13 years
  • Gas ranges should last 15 years
  • Range and oven hood combinations should last 4 years
  • Refrigerators should last 13 years
  • Washing machines should last 10 years
  • Clothes dryers should last 13 years

If your appliance has reached one of these birthdays, it’s time to start to consider replacing it. Call in an appliance repair specialist when your appliance quits for a complete evaluation. Qualified, honest repairmen will tell you when it’s worth your money to repair versus replace an appliance. 

Follow the 50 Percent Rule

Currently, the average repair for appliances costs $175 USD with a range of $50 to $500 USD depending on the severity of the problem. As you consider the cost of the repair, consider the cost of a new appliance as well as the age of the appliance. 

Then apply the 50 percent rule. This is the 50 percent principle: 

  • Is the appliance more than 50 percent through its lifespan? 
  • Will the single repair cost more than 50 percent of buying a new appliance?

If you’ve answered yes to both of these questions, replace the appliance. To acquire a repair estimate, you will need to call a service company. Ask about the company’s service charge to diagnose your problem when you call them for help. 

Consider Utility Costs

When you’re holding onto your old appliances tightly because you believe a new one will cost too much, consider your ongoing costs as well. If you have an older, inefficient appliance, you very well may be spending more on your utilities in a year than you’d spend to purchase a new, energy-efficient appliance. 

When you’re looking for a new appliance, look for an appliance with Energy Star certification. This will ensure that you’re purchasing an efficient appliance. 

Often energy-efficient appliances will cost more at the outset. However, in the end, they will save you money and help you conserve energy. 

For example, clothes dryers typically use up to 4% of a household’s total energy consumption. An Energy Star certified dryer consumes 20 percent less energy on average than its conventional counterparts. As a result, you can hope for over $200 in savings over the lifetime of the dryer. 

Energy-efficient refrigerators will also save you money. Fridges consume up to 6 percent of a home’s energy. Energy Star refrigerators use up to 9 percent less energy, leading to savings as well. 

When you begin to see your utility bills go up, consider replacing your appliances. Fridges and freezers in particular tend to suck more power when they’re nearing the end of their lives. 

Repairs For Westinghouse Appliances

If your Westinghouse appliances are beginning to emit loud, odd sounds or just aren’t doing their jobs well anymore, it’s time to call a professional to evaluate the situation. A professional repairman will give you an estimate for repairs or tell you when you need to replace your appliance. 

We can help you with your appliance problems. We’ve been servicing appliances for 30 years, delivering reliable and personal service to Sydney area residents. 

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