Finding the Best Washing Machine Repairs in Sydney

washing machine repairs

Is your washing machine running slow (or refusing to run at all)? Maybe your water isn’t heating up or your clothes come out sudsy. Either way, you might start to consider buying a new machine.¬†Online large appliances sales have grown by 12.2% between 2015 and 2020. Instead of wasting money on a brand new machine, consider calling a Sydney appliance repairs company first. They can help repair the issue for a fraction of the price compared to buying a new machine. Not sure where to find the best washing machine repairs experts in the country? Keep reading for seven tips to help your search.

Find the best in the business! Discover the best washing machine repairs Sydney citizens rely on with these tips today.

1. Ask Around

First, speak with friends, family members, and co-workers. Have they hired a washing machine repairs company in Sydney before? If they have, ask about their experience.

Was the repair company able to help? Did they experience any issues while working with the repair company? How were those issues resolved?

Asking friends and family members can help you find a trustworthy company. Learning more about a friend’s experience can give you peace of mind before you make your choice.

After all, you want to make sure you’re inviting someone trustworthy into your home.

If you can’t find an appliance repairs company through friends and family members, that’s okay. Consider speaking with the real estate agency you purchased your home from. Many realtors have contacts with repair people in the area.

Otherwise, take your search online! Start by developing a list of washing machine repairs companies in Sydney.

While you’re online, explore each company’s website. What services do they offer? Do they talk about their experience and expertise?

Do they make any guarantees?

Once you have a few options in mind, you can use the rest of these tips to find the best washing machine repairs company around!

2. Determine Their Experience

To narrow down your options, you’ll want to choose a business that’s been in business for a long time. A company that’s operated over the years has earned the respect from homeowners in Sydney. They’ve also survived competition over the years.

A business that’s only operated for a few months is likely still working out the kinks in their business.

Technicians also learn from hands-on experience over the years. Choosing a repair company that has learned from costly mistakes over time can give you peace of time. There’s a chance they’ve fixed various washing machine issues over the years, too.

Choosing technicians who have seen it all might speed up your repairs. Instead of having to troubleshoot the problem, they’ll likely recognise the issue right away. Then, they can save you time and stress because they already know the fix!

To make sure you’re choosing the best Sydney appliance repairs company, ask if their technicians have the proper certifications and licencing.

A technician with the right certifications for fixing your appliances will have the proper qualifications for the job. Otherwise, they might not know what they’re doing. Choosing an inexperienced, unqualified technician could even do more harm than good to your appliances.  

3. Ask About Their Recent Repair Projects

As you begin narrowing down your list of appliance repair companies, ask about their recent projects. What was the last repair project they worked on?

Have they solved the problem you’re experiencing recently?

Choosing a company that has plenty of work will help you determine if they’re a top choice in the area. If they’ve solved the problem you’re experiencing with your washer, you’ll also have peace of mind that they’re knowledgeable.

You’ll also know that they’re capable of fixing the problem before you have to pay for the service fee. 

4. Make Sure They’re Familiar With Your Washing Machine

As you talk with the repair company, ask if they’re familiar with your type of washing machine. If they’ve never worked on your machine before, they might spend valuable time trying to pinpoint the problem. They might take even longer trying to find a solution.

A company that’s familiar with your type of machine will likely have the contacts they need to find the necessary parts for repairs, too.

5. Ask for References and Reviews

While you’re researching the repair company online, make sure to look for references. You can check the company’s website and Google My Business listing as a great place to start.

If you can’t find reviews online, there’s a chance the company hasn’t operated long. Ask if you can speak with one of their recent clients.

Did the homeowner have a good experience working with that repair company? Did the repair company fix their machine, or did they have to buy a new one?

Speaking with peace of mind can answer any lingering questions you have about the company. It can also help you determine the company’s professionalism. 

If you see numerous negative reviews, consider it a red flag. 

6. Determine Their Availability

Is the company you’re interested in hiring available right away? Will they leave you on a long waiting list?

Make sure to choose a company that’s available to fix your problem. If you have an emergency in the future, you’ll want peace of mind that they can respond right away. 

7. Confirm They Won’t Void Your Warranty

A 15-year-old washer typically uses 34% more energy than a modern one. When speaking with the repair company, ask them if they can improve your energy-efficiency. They might provide solutions that could help you save money every time you wash your clothes. 

If you’re already using a newer appliance, make sure to ask the company if their services will void your warranty. 

8. Request a Quote

As you speak with different appliance repair companies, gather quotes from each one. Try to ask for a quote from at least three different washing machine repairs companies. Then, compare the prices.

If one company’s price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Remember, you’ll get what you’re paying for. 

Wash Up: 8 Tips for Finding the Best Washing Machine Repairs in Sydney

Ready to find the best washing machine repairs company in Sydney? Put these tips to the test! With these tips, you can find a professional company capable of fixing the problem. 

Then, you can get back to washing up!

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