Don’t Get Washed Away! 5 Common Washing Machine Problems You Should Repair ASAP

washing machine issues

Are you worried that your washing machine is too far gone? Do you wonder if its age will catch up with it someday by having some unordinary issues? If so, then you need to study up on the common washing machine issues that you may face.

Just like any other piece of machinery, it’s bound to go through a few problems in its lifetime. It’s important to know what issues you can fix at home and which ones require the help of a repair company.

See below for several washing machine problems that you should be aware of. Use these to diagnose your washing machine’s setbacks.

1. Noisy When Operating

It’s not unusual for a washing machine to make noise while operating, but there’s a difference between the usual level of sound and a noisier volume. Whenever the noise picks up, there are a few different things that could be wrong.

The simple solution might be that you have some debris rattling around from your clothes’ pockets like coins, pens, and so on. 

If you don’t see anything when you go to open it up, then there is something that’s stuck in the drum. In some severe cases, you’ll have to look into the heater hole to diagnose the problem.

Whenever something feels off about your washer, be sure to reach out to a washing machine repair service. They’ll use their experience and know-how to diagnose the problem quickly and get it back to normal.

2. Wash Cycle Isn’t Working

Unfortunately, there are times in which the washing machine’s wash cycle will stop working on a moment’s notice. You’ll know this to be the case when you go to start a load and nothing occurs.

First things first, make sure that the washing machine is still plugged into the outlet. If it’s still plugged in and the machine is on, then go to your breaker and see if the switch was turned off.

If the power isn’t the issue, then you’re probably dealing with a plumbing issue. Anytime that happens, your washer will go into defense mode by shutting off.

You might be working with a clog in either your water valve or water supply line which is preventing water from getting in your machine.

Reach out to your trusted washing machine expert to inquire. They can talk you through a few different resolutions on the phone. If none of those work, then they can schedule a time to visit your house and diagnose the issue with their own eyes.

3. No Signs of Spinning

Perhaps one of the trickiest things to catch with washing machine problems is finding out that the machine isn’t spinning anymore. This happens later in the washing machine’s cycle when most people have already walked away.

If your clothes seem wetter than usual after each load, it’s a sign that your washing machine isn’t spinning very much, if at all.

The first problem could be that you put in too big of a load. Your washer might also let you know this by making violent noises while it spins. The second problem could be that the lid switch is malfunctioning on your washing machine.

Your washing machine’s lid switch is how the machine determines that the lid is closed and that no one is reaching inside while it spins. If the lid switch stops working properly, the machine will cease to spin until it’s fixed.

The problem could also be attached to the washing machine’s motor or belt. If it’s the motor, then your entire washer will stop working, not just the spin cycle. It could also be the belt, which is either torn up or too worn out and needs to be replaced.

4. Your Clothes Are Getting Shredded

Imagine the horror of reaching into your washing machine after the load is done and finding your favorite shirt or shorts with a rip in them that wasn’t there before. 

If that ever occurs and you’re positive the rip wasn’t there before you put it in the washer, be sure to contact a washing machine repair service right away. There’s probably a sharp item that’s lodged in the drum of your washer.

Not only is that difficult for you to do on your own, but it’s also dangerous. A washing machine repair service will have the right tools and resources to remove the item dangerously. If the drum isn’t the issue, they’ll diagnose what’s really causing the problem.

Here’s a fun and random side note: if your current washing machine drum is caput, you can turn it into a fire pit for your backyard!

5. Issues With the Drainage

One of the most common washing machine issues that homeowners experience is opening their washing machine to find a drum full of water. If this ever occurs to you, it’s a sign that your washer is having some drainage issues.

There could be items that get caught inside of the basket and tub, as well as getting stuck inside the pump. You may have also used too much detergent which can cause issues for the drain.

Otherwise, there’s an issue with your drain pump or drain hose. If either is jammed or clogged, you’ll need a washing repair service to remove them, get rid of the blockage, and get it back to tip-top shape.

Call Your Repair Expert for Any Washing Machine Issues

Now that you’ve seen several common washing machine issues that you can self-diagnose, it’s important to call the right experts to fix it.

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