Dishwasher Disasters: 5 Signs You Need Dishwasher Repair Services

dishwasher repair

Of all the appliances in your house, the dishwasher is the most likely to not be used. In fact, while about 2/3 of people have them, only a little over half use them.

When you consider the high energy cost, it begins to make more sense. Hand washing raises the electric bill far less.

Even Energy star appliances use almost as much energy as the standard ones. 

But, what do you do if your dishwasher is on the fritz? Even more important than that, how can you tell?

Unlike washers, dryers, refrigerators and stoves, dishwashers tend toward subtlety when they break. But, to even the casual observer there are a few signs which point to a broken dishwasher.

If you notice any of these things over a long period of time, call for dishwasher repair.

Strange Noises

In general, dishwashers operate at a quiet level. Noises can be one common sign of problems. 

Sometimes fixing the noise just requires playing some Tetris with its contents. Since the cleaning arms can run into dishes, a slight noise can occur that way. Rearrange, and the noise will stop.

Be sure to check the bottom rack or beneath the silverware first. 

Other odd noises aside, if your dishwasher starts to sound like an episode of Bill Nye the Science guy you will need repairs.

As with any machine containing a motor, listen for grinding or scraping sounds. Quiet grinding or humming can be normal. But if the grind gets louder, something may be stuck or a motor could be on the fritz.

In general, listen for loud or unusual noises you haven’t noticed before. If they persist, inspect yourself or call a professional.

Feeling Hot Hot Hot

You might be familiar with dishwashers using hot water to clean your dishes. This serves a couple of purposes.

First, it allows dishes to clean faster and use less water. The goal is to be as efficient as possible. 

The purpose of heating is to aid in the sanitation process. Of course, the detergent picks up where the water leaves off.

But, if you notice a pattern of dishes not being clean, check mid-cycle to feel for the temperature. If they feel plenty warm, it may be only a string of bad luck. If, however, they feel cold, you have problems requiring attention. 

You can also feel the exhaust vent around mid-cycle, it should be warm and steamy. If it isn’t, open and inspect. Make sure you have the heat turned on before calling for service.

This problem can go unnoticed for some time if your dishes keep getting clean or you don’t turn on heat dry. But if heat dry is on, look for water when you empty the washer.

Sweetie, Did We Install a Pool in the Kitchen?

We have water all over our homes. In pipes, the bathroom, the washing machine, the sinks and the dishwasher. For the most part, it tends to stay within its container. 

When it escapes the proper channels, it causes problems! The longer problems go untreated, the worse they get.

From bad smells to toxic mould spores, you place your family in danger by ignoring water. At times, the fix takes little time or effort.

First, observe the latch. When you shut the door, does it stay shut? A broken or loose latch will allow water to go where it isn’t supposed to.

If the latch works, check the debris trap. As the unit washes food off plates, it is only natural for some of it to eventually clog the machine.

You can almost always clean these yourself. Your owner’s manual and youtube make excellent resources.

The last thing to check is the seal. If you think I want you to take your children to the zoo, please call a repairman immediately. 

The gasket between the door and the unit can crack or tear. In most cases, a visual inspection will tell you where the problem lies. 

A Little Rust Needs A Dishwasher Repair

It may be true that rust won’t kill you, but it can cause your dishes to look dirty. Also, as the metal starts to wear away, you risk clogging the drains. Further, the racks can disintegrate to nothing. 

Cleaning out the rust and restoring the vinyl takes a couple steps, but it can be done. 

You first run the empty dishwasher with an oxidizing or acidic cleaner. After running the washing cycle with the cleaner use a vinyl repair kit to recoat exposed metal. 

It may take time to dry, but you can do this project yourself with great ease. Even if the shelves are too corroded to repair, you’ll know how to fix the next set when they inevitably rust again.

Dishes Go in Dirty and Come Out… Dirty

Watch out for dishes which remain dirty. Sure, as everyone who owns a dishwasher knows, it happens sometimes. 

But again, repeated and regular occurrences make clear warnings. If you have been running loads twice or using heavier cycles, some kind of dishwasher repair may be needed. 

However, this problem may point to any number of actual problems. This includes some of the problems already stated. Attempting to solve one of those issues can repair this one.

If not, you may need to call a repairman. No matter what the appliance is, we specialize in them all.

If you happen to be looking for a qualified repair service, get in touch with us here. Whether you have too much noise or too much food left on your dishes, we can help.