8 Telltale Signs Your Oven Needs Repair

oven repair

Imagine getting ready for a big dinner. All of your friends and family are coming over to taste your delicious cooking. You’ve got everything chopped, seasoned, and ready to go.

Except for one big problem: the oven.

If you’re having trouble cooking up all of your favourite foods, it might not be any fault of yours. A lot of common cooking mistakes come down to a faulty oven.

If you’re uncertain whether or not an oven repair is necessary, keep reading. We’ll go through all of the warning signs together and get your dinners back up to their best quality.

1. Slow Warm Up

Preheating the oven should only take a few minutes at most. But if you’re sat there waiting for a long time, chances are good that there’s something wrong with your oven.

Either the temperature sensor is malfunctioning or the heating element itself has broken. While there is some maintenance you’re able to do on your own, big issues like these are ones that need proper repairs.

Keep in mind, if your oven isn’t a modern model, then it might take longer to heat up regardless of any malfunctions.

2. Unexpected Noises

Your oven should be a silent helper in the kitchen. It cooks your food without any sounds at all. The only normal sound is the one from the fan as the oven works to keep its heat.

Whenever a strange sound comes out from your oven, it’s time to call for repairs. The sounds vary depending on the problem, but sounds such as buzzing or ticking are telltale signs that something is wrong.

It’s difficult to tell what the real problem is through a telephone call or verbal description. It’s best to call in a professional to take a look right away so that nothing breaks any further.

3. Door Doesn’t Close

An oven door that doesn’t close is one that costs you extra money in the long run. Your oven uses up a lot of excess energy to keep the correct temperature when the oven is always ajar. This, in turn, means you’ll spend more money keeping it running.

It also means that your food takes much longer to cook because the oven is expelling most of its heat through that door gap.

This is one of those oven fixes that seems as though it would be an easy DIY project. But with such a heavy door and the importance of one that works well, it’s a good idea to get someone who knows how to handle the problem.

4. Undercooked Foods

An oven that doesn’t cook food isn’t an oven at all. If you’re having troubles with your food coming out undercooked or even raw, there’s something wrong with the heating element.

This is not only a big inconvenience but it’s also dangerous. You don’t want to serve raw meats to your loved ones after all.

Trying to fix an issue like this on your own isn’t easy and it’s very possible you could end up making the problem worse.

5. Constant Burnt Cooking

Is your oven always burning your food, no matter how careful you are? Even if it’s not a constant issue, food that comes out burnt without any explanation is a big reason to call in for repairs.

After all, it’s not always the fault of the chef when something turns out burnt! It could be that the heating element is acting up or the temperature gauge is malfunctioning. It might say a certain degree but instead is something much higher in temperature. 

This kind of overheating is a fire hazard and needs dealing with right away. Call for a professional to take a look as soon as you can to prevent fires from occurring inside of your oven.

6. Strange Odours

It’s not uncommon for new renovations to smell a little strange the first time you turn the oven on. But this odour goes away in only a few minutes or so as the oven burns away those new-oven smells.

Any odours beyond the smell of cooking food are causes for great concern.

If you start to smell a strange odour at any time at all, turn off the oven right away. It could be leaking gas into your home or there’s a wire exposed to the heating element, causing it to burn.

Always keep a nose out for any smells that you’ve never smelled before. Whenever there’s something strange in the air, always turn off the oven and call for a professional to take a look. It’s dangerous to leave a problem like this unattended.

7. Burners Won’t Turn On

Sometimes a problem with the oven starts with the burners on top.

The burners themselves might need repairing or it’s a sign that there’s a deeper problem within the unit itself. You don’t want to use an oven where something is beginning to break down. It’s a potential fire hazard and it’s also inconvenient to lose out on one of your precious burners.

Faulty burners are often one of the first signs you need help with oven repair.

8. Electrical Problems

One of the easiest issues to spot are ones that are electrical in nature. If your oven doesn’t turn on all the time or shuts itself off at random intervals, it’s time to call a professional.

If you see sparks in the cables in the back, turn off the oven right away and call in for repairs. Make sure to keep children and animals away until the professional arrives to deal with the issue.

Electrical problems are a big fire hazard and needs dealing with as soon as possible.

Don’t Hesitate to Call in For an Oven Repair

It might seem easier to ignore these problems. After all, the oven might not always do these things.

But the oven is an essential part of your home. If an oven repair is necessary, then don’t delay. There’s no reason to have your big dinners ruined when there’s a simple solution to the problem.

If you need help with over repair, contact us today! We’ll get your oven back up and running in no time.