Oven Not Feeling so Hot? Learn What to Do When Your Oven Won’t Turn On

oven wont turn on

You’re in front of the stove about to start making a holiday dinner when you notice that your stove refuses to turn on. What do you do, just not make anything? This could disappoint everyone. Instead of not cooking, tackle the problem head-on and try and fix the issue, or at least pinpoint what it is so someone else can. …

How to clean your stove

Another way on how to clean your stove top. Follow the link below. www.lifehacker.com.au/2018/10/clean-your-stove-while-the-oven-is-on/

Some great cleaning hacks.

Check out the article for some Appliance cleaning hacks. electrosawhq.com/simple-hacks-to-clean-your-house/

Blanco oven not heating well

Is your Blanco oven only partially heating? One of the problems could be a burnt out element like this oven that has been repaired in Castle Hill. For all Blanco oven repairs no matter the fault. Contact us on 1300 667 937 or fill in our contact form and we will call you back. www.norwestapplianceservice.com.au

Washing machine in Westmead with Electrolux e10 error

E10 error on an Electrolux washing machine. When you have this error it is indicating themat the water is not filling or taking too long to fill. Before sending a technician to repair the washing machine try taking the hose of and check both ends for any blockage not allowing it to fill or slowing it down. Check the tap …

Out of bal or error 43 Fisher and Paykel Washing machine fault finding

Is your Fisher & Paykel Washsmart, Fabricsmart or Cleansmart Washing machine stopping mid cycle or towards the end of the washing cycle, beeping and flashing the following error codes ‘error 43’ or ‘out of bal’? The previous error message on the Fisher and Paykel washing machine is letting you know the washing machine has gone out of balance or the …

Electrolux Washing Machine E10 Error Code

Electrolux E10 error code on a washing machine relates to inlet water supply not sufficient. This is caused by: Low water pressure coming into the Electrolux washing machine. The filters in the inlet hose been blocked or the hose been kinked. If you have checked the above and still having the same error code of E10 on the Electrolux washing …

Samsung Dishwasher E2 error

Error E2 on a Samsung dishwasher is indicating that the cause is a water supply error. That the dishwasher is not detecting that it is not filling with water. It could be a simple solution such as checking that the water supply to the Samsung dishwasher is turned on. You may also check that the water hoses to the Samsung …